Monday Mix (random mix of the week) - Ok, I have to admit I’m kind of in love with this one. I love the wind blowing, I love the wind chimes, and I love the little things Taylor says through the song. After listening to this for the 29837255 time I realized that there is some added piano on the bridge and last part of the song as well, and I guess I’m attached to it forever.


Taylor Swift at a fan’s bridal shower in Ohio! Check out all the amazing photos and presents from Taylor! She was told she didn’t have time to go, but she said “No, I’m going to Ohio I can’t make the wedding & I promised her.”

She played games, face timed with friends, took photos! What a wonderful person with such a kind heart! We are blessed to have such a person to look up to!!




Taylor Swift MTV Movie Awards Cameo part 2



Taylor Swift MTV Movie Awards Cameo part 1



Our Top 10 Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs ; 10.) Drive All Night (Just South of Knowing Why).

I don’t have a plan
I don’t have a map
I don’t even know if
I’m ever coming back
I don’t have a when and I don’t have a where
I don’t even know if I’ll know when I’m there.

One of the things I do most when I’m really upset is drive - I find a long road that I’ve never been on before and drive until I’m about to run out of gas, blasting music and going wherever the next turn takes me. A lot of times, the fantasy of never going back home definitely plays over in my mind, because something about being having that opportunity to disappear makes you want it all the more. A big part of the reason I know to drive when I’m upset, is this song. Incidentally if you’re ever trying to drive away from your problems, this is a good background song.